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Welcome, i'm glad you're here.

ΜΠΟΡΩ (mboró) comes from the soul. It's a calling sign, and a Greek word that stands for (I can, I'm able to). A reminder that motivates us to get committed to living a life of fulfillment and to leave all excuses and lies behind, forever!

I started this brand with dedication, commitment, and love to create something personal, meaningful and inspirational. I believe, that we are indeed what we are looking for.

I decided to spread this powerful statement through fashion to reflect the attitude, mindset, and commitment to our own self and to the outer world, which we have the power to inspire.

Like a superhero who fights the bad guys, that's how we fight our negative thoughts, negative people, comfort zones and our fears of failure.

Also, a part of every purchase you make will go towards helping people in need in Greece, in a country that deserves a better future, a better tomorrow.

So, are you committed to rock the stage called life?

Thanks for stopping by,