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Collection: Using art to fight women’s abuse

Meet Aikaterini Kontou,
the creator behind the artwork against women’s abuse.

The "Face" or "Mask" is a central focal point
"Always the same, but always unique", like real people. 

Hi, my name is Katerina and I grew up in Thessaloniki/Macedonia, Greece.

At the age of 18, I left my homeland to go and study Architecture in the UK. 
After completing my studies in 2004, I went back home for a while,
but never really fitted in. 
So, my man and our dog moved in 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. 
Although I professionally work in the construction industry, 
painting has always been my best friend. I spend most of my free time in my
living room, 
which is my studio, having endless "chats" with my inner-self.

My work is mainly about an on-going existential search, 
of my role in this world,
in this society, as a woman, as a being in our current times. 
The "Face" or "Mask" is a central focal point "always the same,
but always unique", like real people. It has a big significance in my life,
came to me at the age of 13, 
during an art class, and followed me ever since.
We grow, evolve, and mature together.


I am so happy to collaborate, as an artist, with "ΜΠΟΡΩ", an authentic, 
clear and strong statement greek brand with a mission to inspire,
motivate and connect us. 

For me to "mbo-ró" -can- in life, has sometimes been a real struggle and
I am sure many can relate to this. 
So, "mbo-ró" is here to lift us up
and make us believe or better, remember again that we can!!

Today, 25th of November and International day against abuse on women,
we lounge our first collaboration where I'm very proud and thankful for
this opportunity to give, support, and fight on such an important
subject that so matters.

In this collaboration, I try to explore such issues as abuse and
sexual exploitation and transfer it instinctively on canvas.

With every t-shirt sold, we will make a donation 
to support financially,
abused women that found the courage to escape domestic abuse,
but are not strong enough to support themselves yet.

Let's make a difference and help people that need your, mine, our help.

Sincerely yours,
Aikaterini Kontou

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  • Using art to fight women’s abuse
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